Lunami week 2014 Official Prompts and Date

Hello everybody! 😁 We are now finished!
Let us all have fun and enjoy it!
The week will have 9 days!
#Luffyxnami week will be from 25. August - 2. September 2014!

Our prompts will be:

Day 1: Daily Life / Day off

Day 2: Rendezvous

Day 3: AU (alternate universe)

Day 4: Confession

Day 5: Tragedy

Day 6: Role Reversal

Day 7: Future

Day 8 (Special): (First) kiss

Day 9 (Bonus): You can do what you want but you must pick a song lyric or quote

We add a “special day and a bonus day”
The 8 day (special) is a prompt what everyone wanted too see and the 9 day (bonus) is just where you decide!

Also important!!
Please tag your fanart, fanfic, amv, caps, graphics, edits etc. 

On #luffyxnami week !
We will only reblog everthing on this tag. Also it can happen that we will miss one (yours) if this happen please message us and let us know.

If you have any questions, you can ask us anytime :)